Chrono Tasks

Virtual Assistant Internship

Looking to start a career where you can work from home, or travel the world as a digital nomad?

What is the Chrono Tasks VA Internship?

The Chrono Tasks Virtual Assistant Internship is an exclusive training opportunity for three candidates looking to start a journey in the exciting world of remote work. 

Led by renowned productivity expert Garland Coulson (aka Captain Time ⏱️), this internship offers world-class training in:

Time Management Mastery

Digital Marketing Wizardry

Productivity Tools & Tactics

…and more!

Successful graduates will be considered for paid virtual assistant positions at Chrono Tasks, providing time management and task support to clients from anywhere in the world.

What are the requirements?

The Chrono Tasks Virtual Assistant Internship is looking for the right candidates with a computer, a stable internet connection, and an eagerness to learn!

Though not mandatory, any of the following skills will be considered valuable assets to your application. 

Strong Writing Skills.

Our virtual assistants regularly communicate via online correspondence.

Video Editing & Graphic Design.

Content Creation is a key component of Chrono Tasks’ services, so a background in visual arts is valuable.

Computer Expertise.

A computer is the virtual assistant’s one and only tool. Being well-versed in an array of software and knowing how to troubleshoot will be viewed highly.

Social Media Savvy.

Social Media has rapidly evolved into a cornerstone of digital marketing. If you’re familiar with the latest trends and newest algorithms, 



Ready to begin your journey?

Your first step to an exciting new career awaits!