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Chrono Tasks – Your ultimate partner in productivity. We empower you to reclaim your time, streamline your tasks, and supercharge your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur overloaded with responsibilities, a busy professional seeking balance, or a corporation needing expert administrative assistance — Chrono Tasks is the solution designed for you.
Our specialists are not just virtual assistants — they’re time management ninjas, armed with tried-and-true time-saving techniques and cutting-edge AI tools that take efficiency to a whole new level. What’s more, our VAs learn your tools and software on their own time, ensuring that you only pay for their best work. With Chrono Tasks by your side, delegate like a pro and focus on what truly matters, while we professionally handle the rest.
Don’t just manage your tasks — conquer them. The future of productivity starts now. Achieve more with Chrono Task.
Dare to do more. Dare to be more. Choose Chrono Task.

Rave Reviews

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with his exceptional VA program, and I must say, all of his clients have been nothing but satisfied with the services their businesses have received.
Through this partnership, I have been able to earn a steady income while working with him.
Thank you, Garland, for everything!”
Wency Blest

Virtual Assistant

“Working with Garland as one of his virtual assistants has been a great pleasure. He’s always been kind and patient to me. I am not afraid of asking him any questions, he’s always open to teach me new things…He has referred me clients and I have earned money with his program. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity he gave me. Don’t hesitate to join his program, it will benefit you greatly!”


Virtual Assistant

“A true Godsend!
Thank you, Garland! I look forward to discussing this more during our coaching call!
Your feedback/recommendations and help with implementation are appreciated more than I can say!”
Juanita Taylor


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Experience the Chrono Task Difference: Trained by Time Management Masters

What sets our Chrono Tasks virtual assistants apart is our unique training procedure. Each assistant is mentored by the renowned time-management expert, “Captain Time.” Bringing decades of expertise in efficiency and productivity optimization, Captain Time equips our professionals with unparalleled skills in task management.

Through rigorous training methods and ground-breaking time-management strategies, our assistants don’t just manage tasks, they master time. With the knowledge and techniques passed down from Captain Time, they convert chaotic schedules into symphonies of organized, aligned systems – maximizing productivity like never before.

Choose Chrono Tasks – It’s not just assistance, it’s a masterclass in time management, tailored to your needs.

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Dare to do more. Dare to be more. Choose Chrono Task