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Chrono Tasks was founded by productivity expert, Garland Coulson, “Captain Time.” While consulting with entrepreneurs and business managers, Garland noticed most entrepreneurs and managers were buried in detail work that would be better done by trained virtual assistants.

But finding and hiring virtual assistants for his clients was difficult, so “Captain Time” set up his own extensive virtual assistant training program to ensure his clients got the best virtual assistants available.

And Garland continues to support and train his VAs so if they run into requests they haven’t seen before, they have an expert to guide them.


Our team of experienced and dedicated virtual assistants is the backbone of our company. We carefully select and train our professionals to ensure they possess the skills and expertise necessary to meet your unique needs. With a diverse range of talents and backgrounds, we are equipped to support a wide array of industries and tasks. We take pride in our commitment to ongoing learning and adaptability, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment.

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Rave Reviews

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with his exceptional VA program, and I must say, all of his clients have been nothing but satisfied with the services their businesses have received.
Through this partnership, I have been able to earn a steady income while working with him.
Thank you, Garland, for everything!”
Wency Blest

Virtual Assistant

“Working with Garland as one of his virtual assistants has been a great pleasure. He’s always been kind and patient to me. I am not afraid of asking him any questions, he’s always open to teach me new things…He has referred me clients and I have earned money with his program. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity he gave me. Don’t hesitate to join his program, it will benefit you greatly!”


Virtual Assistant

“A true Godsend!
Thank you, Garland! I look forward to discussing this more during our coaching call!
Your feedback/recommendations and help with implementation are appreciated more than I can say!”
Juanita Taylor


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